Explore all health services at duke eye center dukehealth. Viagra viagra staxyn and stendra Org welcome to dukehealth. discount viagra Org. viagra used yahoo Skip over navigation home about us specialties cataracts clinical social work comprehensive ophthalmology contact lens cornea and external disease cosmetic laser surgery dry eye genetic counseling glaucoma lasik / refractive surgery low vision rehabilitation macular degeneration neuro-ophthalmology oculofacial surgery pediatric low vision pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus vitreoretinal diseases and surgery physicians locations appointments health library quick links giving opportunities order contact lenses contact us home > specialties > vitreoretinal diseases and surgery > care guides > macular hole jumbo large regular text: print vitreoretinal diseases and surgery treatments care guides physicians locations macular hole about this article article details published: feb. what is generic viagra super active 8, 2012 updated: feb. buy viagra online no prescription 8, 2012 share the retina is the sensory tissue that lines the back of the eye and produces the image which is sent to the brain to produce vision. buy viagra no prescription online The macula is the central aspect of the retina and is responsible for our central detailed vision, which is needed for activities including reading and driving. Can cut 20 mg viagra half A macular hole can form in the retina as we age. viagra used yahoo The vitreous -- gel in the eye that helps to maintain the eye’s shape -- is firmly attached to the macula. viagra 1st time users Over time, the vitreous liquefies. buy canadian viagra online today As the liquefied vitreous moves, it can pull the macular tissue. generic viagra without a prescription In most cases, the macula is unharmed in the process, but sometimes when the vitreous pulls away a small hole forms. cheap viagra generic Macular hole is described in stages, which helps to describe the risk of further development. viagra used yahoo Macular hole symptoms include blurred vision for both near and far sight. is buying generic viagra online safe Patients may feel that straight lines look broken or wavy when viewed centrally. canadian viagra discounts Macular hole treatment macular holes are often repaired through a procedure called vitrectomy, a surgery that removes the vitreous that is pulling on the macula. generic viagra no doctor prescriptions Upon completion of the vitrectomy surgery, the eye is temporarily filled with a gas that presses on the hole and promotes healing. Does generic version viagra work The gas dissipates over a few weeks. lowest price for generic viagra Special face/head positioning. generic viagra for sale online long does 50mg viagra work